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Hailing from Suffolk in the United Kingdom, Ghosts Of Atlantis are a metal band that carry a wealth of experience.

The band's debut album "" (released - 2021) received exceptional reviews, from many major outlets (Metal Hammer, Kerrang, Power Play etc)

In late November of 2023, Ghosts Of Atlantis released the follow up record "Riddles Of The sycophants" quickly followed by a 7 week tour, spanning 21 countries with Fear Factory, Butcher Babies and Ignia.

Other notable mentions in 2023! The band set out on various shows with Avatar, Batushka, Hate, and Carpathian Forrest, along with some select European festival appearances.

The band has continued to grow, gain recognition, and has received features from the BBC Television Network.

Ghosts Of Atlantis will shortly be re-releasing the official single for the 2024 Feature Movie "Witch" due out on all major platforms. 2023 also saw the band perform, and contribute music to the star laden Lionsgate Production "One Ranger"


Phil Primmer main vocals

Colin Parks guitars and clean vocals

Dex Jezierski guitars

Al Todd bass guitar

Rob Garner drums


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Colin Parks was born in February 1981.

Colin grew up in a family of musicians, so had always been around music from a very young age. 


His musical journey began very young, he began learning the piano and singing at around eight years old. It was not long until he began to become noticed in the choral scene, at the age of 11 he had earned the bishops award of excellence in choral singing. 


This time in his life saw Colin sing a solo for the Royal family at their home, and make TV appearances on the bbc and itv. At around the age of 15 Colin picked up a guitar for the first time after hearing Extreme and Metallica. 

At the age of 21 Colin would form the band Re-Birth, it was later in this bands journey that he would meet bass player Alzebub, and later the drummer Rob.  The next step along the road to G.O.A was forming the band,


Rob Garner (born 5th June 1987, in Suffolk) is an English musician best known for being the drummer in the Metal band The Conflict Within, and Southern Rock band Mayday Miracle. 


Rob started drumming at the age of 15, being influenced by such bands as The prodigy, Arch enemy and Slipknot to name a few.  It wasn't long before Rob and Colin (Parks) of The Conflict Within and Devilment crossed paths and they have worked on various projects since. 


During his time in The Conflict Within Rob shared the stage with many touring bands including Times of Grace, Lock up and Taking Dawn as well as performing on the New Blood stage at Bloodstock open air (B.O.A) festival in the UK.


Rob is currently the drummer and percussionist in the Dark Metal band Ghosts of Atlantis.


After his parents naming him after two members of the legendary Motörhead, pip grew up around heavy music. Phil, otherwise known as pip has always been very pro active in and around the scene. 

His initial interest in becoming a part of the industry began in music journalism, running the Essex metal scene blog, website and forum. 

This passion later manifested in to the desire to perform, Phil then spent the next 7 years with the bands Sower and Cold Lazarus touring around Europe and playing at various festivals. 

Phil later joined the conflict within where he met Colin, Rob, and dex all of whom, are now members of Ghosts Of Atlantis.

Phil brings an aggressive but clear approach to his vocals taking influence from many artists, but one he looks to as his biggest influence is Peter Tägtgren on Bloodbath's Nightmares Made Flesh. Pip has stated, that one of his driving goals for his role in G. O. A, is to share imaginative and relatable stories with the world about the lost tales of Atlantis.


As Dex grew both as a guitarist, and performer he was asked to join the metal band The Conflict Within.


After numerous large support shows and some festival appearances, Colin went on to join Devilment, and The Conflict Within reached its natural conclusion. However, fate would later show her hand once more.

Ghosts Of Atlantis, a band once talked about many years ago between members of TCW and Thames burial was then officially realized.


Drawing influences from bands such as As Blood Runs Black, Parkway Drive, As I Lay Dying and While She Sleeps to name a few, Dex brings a metalcore edge to the project. Dex is also  a semi-professional photographer, and a wonderful human being.  In his spare time Dex enjoys bearded dragons and long cycle rides.


Alzebub earned his stripes playing across the UK and touring Europe with Failed humanity, before joining an Essex band called Re-Birth


It was here that Rob Colin and Al crossed paths back in the early 2000's.


Many, many shows later, they all went separate ways, three of them formed TCW and Al went down the session and covers route.


Al spent the next ten years as a working bass player / gun for hire on local rock scene playing a lot on the biker scene, and performing at many of the festivals. 


Alzebub credits Cliff Burton as one of his biggest inspirations, and the reason he picked up a bass.

As he grew as a player, Al later became influenced by players like Geezer Butler, Alex Webster, Billy Sheehan, les cleypool and even jazz players like Stanley Clarke.


Citing players such as Victor wooton, and Marcus Miller in particular, Al likes to intertwine different styles, and has developed a sound and style of his own.

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